21 Nov 2012

Competition Final

After 4 weeks of practise and chestnut and heather tartlet overload (my partner got completely fed up with it!), it was finally the big day of the Martin Wishart Cook School Challenge. Martin welcomed all finalists with his big smile and a trophy up for grab! The pressure was on ...

Martin and Kevin tasting the winning grouse dish, which looked amazing.
They pretty much polished off my plate (middle)!
Martin and Kevin seemed to take forever with judging. Finally, the verdict: I was given the 2nd prize: Two tasting menus with matching wines in his restaurant! So delighted!

the 2nd prize

More details and pictures about the cool school challenge can be found here. And a small article with a great picture of all finalists was published in the local newspaper!
I've booked us in to redeem my prize on the 21st December. I can't wait! 

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