24 May 2013

My Favourite Scottish dessert in the Guardian

Another recipe of mine in the Guardian’s Cook on 4th May! With the brief being “local”, I really wished to try and champion Scottish produce in the paper since I’m so passionate about it. 

Here’s the small article:

Since I moved to Scotland and tasted this seasonal dessert, I’m in love with it. All ingredients are local and complement each other perfectly. I’ve modified the traditional recipe slightly by adding another local Scottish speciality, crowdie cheese, in order to give the cream texture and acidity. This dessert is best after a walk in the hills using wild raspberries collected by hand!

Serves 4

  • 60g Pinhead oatmeal
  • 200ml Double cream 
  • 50g Crowdie cheese2-3 tbsp Malt whiskey
  • 4 tbsp Scottish heather honey
  • 300g Raspberries

Toast the oatmeal in a dry hot pan for a few minutes and leave to cool. Whip the double cream, fold in the crowdie cheese, whiskey and honey.  Crush 200g raspberries into a puree using a fork or a food processor.  Fold the fruit puree lightly into the cream mixture in order to create a ripple. Spoon half of the cream mixture per portion into a glass, top with half the toasted oatmeal and raspberries and repeat the process once more decorating with the remaining raspberries and oatmeal.

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